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1695814 03-25-2019 05:20 PM

2019 Jet Setter NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest-Patience Finally Pays Off
Welcome to the 2019 Jet Setter NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest-Patience Finally Pays Off.

This game was started in 2009 by our dear, departed Jables, and we now head into the 11th season of it.

For a historical perspective, please see the following threads:

2009 NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by The Arbitrary, with a record of 178-77-1, good for a .6973 winning percentage.
2010 NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by trondogss, with a record of 158-98, good for a .6172 winning percentage.
2011 NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by sam10gle, with a record of 167-89, good for a .6523 winning percentage.
2012 NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by Juice, with a record of 163-92-1, good for a .6387 winning percentage.
2013 Jables Memorial NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by Ezekial Cumberland, with a record of 165-95-1, good for a 64.65 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2014 game. He went with...
2014 AO NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest: Won by The Arbitrary, with a record of 174-81-1, good for a 68.16 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2015 game. He went with...
2015 AO NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest - Arby's Quest for Numero Three-o: Won by The Arbitrary, with a record of 156-99-1, good for a 61.13 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2016 game. He went with...
2016 AO NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest - A Dab Free Zone: Won by YetAnotherCareerChanger, with a record of 162-94, good for a 63.28 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2017 game. He went with...
YetAnother 2017 AO NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest - Now With Special Sauce: Won by Funemployed, with a record of 163-93, good for a 63.67 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2018 game. He went with...
Way Too Early 2018 SpamLite NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest - w/25% Less Brown Losses: Won by Patience, with a record of 165-88-3, good for a 65.04 winning percentage...and naming rights of the 2019 game. He, of course, went with...2019 Jet Setter NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest-Patience Finally Pays Off
Now it's time to start it up again for the 2019 season.

The basic concept is to have a pick'em contest, where all the picks are made before the start of the season, as opposed to a regular week-by-week pick'em league. All of the bets are straight up wins and losses - nothing involving the spread or any of that.

The second post of this thread will have the entire 2018 NFL schedule in it, week-by-week. All you need to do to enter is quote that post and let me know who you think will win each of the 2^8 games in the season. You can either delete the teams you think will lose from each matchup or retype (after the semicolon) the team you think will win. Whoever has the best predictions at the end of the season wins. After each week's games are over, I'll make a post showing everyone's weekly and year-to-date results.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF ENTRY: Download and complete the attached spreadsheet. Re-post it here or email it to me at actuary1695814 [at] gmail.

Here are some other details that you might find interesting:

OVERALL WINNER TIEBREAKER: In the case of an overall tie the winner will be whomever first submitted their picks.

Weekly Awards: In addition, there will be awards for the weekly winner(s).
  • Whichever player(s) compile(s) the best record in a given week will be given a chance to improve their standing in the game.
  • When two or more players tie for the best weekly record ALL of those players will receive the "Change One Future Pick" award.
  • The earliest entrant will also receive the (usually) non-negative award as dictated by the schedule.

Award Declaration Deadlines: A "Change One Future Pick" award may be held until the moment before the last week's kickoff, but, of course, must be declared before the kickoff of the game it affects. Whereas, the non-negative awards must be declared before kickoff of the next week.

NEW THIS YEAR - DEFAULT OPTION: For all of the non-negative awards, I will assign a default option that you can overrule by simply declaring how you would like to use the award.

Here's a full explanation of the awards (which are up for discussion & subject to change until the season starts)...


Change one future pick: Pretty self-explanatory. Change one of your future picks. Use in any week. Declare before the kickoff of the game it affects. Claim before week 17.

You're Gonna' Like the Pick You Made...I Guarantee It: This will allow the winner of this award to guarantee one matchup from week 17 as a win.

Lovable Losers: This will allow the winner of this award to guarantee one win from any week for the team they picked to win the least. (If your Lovable Loser has no picked wins remaining, then you'll choose from the next-least-winning team.)

Jables' Home Field Advantage: Jables said that home field is worth roughly 3 points in determining the gambling lines. Winning this award allows you (and only you) to add 3 points to the scores of all the road teams (that you chose to win) for a given week for your picks only. As a result, it could change some of your losses to ties or even wins for you. For those players who went extra heavy on the home teams, I will allow this award to be used to add 1 point to the scores of all the home teams instead (possibly changing a tie to a win, or a loss to a tie).

Random Poster's Lucky 7: If you win this award you will have seven points to distribute to improve the scores of your chosen teams. You may spread it among as many teams & weeks as you desire. Only whole-points may be used. (E.g., you chose team A to beat team B, team C to beat team D, team E to beat team F, and team G to beat team H. You added 3 points to team A and 2 points to team C and 1 point to team E and 1 point to team G. Team A loses 23-21, team C loses 23-20, team E loses 23-22, and team G wins 42-0. In your case team A would turn out to be a win, team C is still a loss, team E turns out to be a tie, and you wasted points on team G since it was a win regardless.) The results of this award affect only the award winner.

Numbers' Nudge: This is an enhanced version of the RPL7 award. The winner of this award will have n points to distribute in the same way as the RPL7 award. n is determined by the number of wins correctly predicted in the week this award is won. The results of this award affect only the award winner.

Choose Your Own Adventure Award: You get to choose one award from a selection of two non-negative awards and a higher-variance, possibly-negative award:
  • Jables' Home Field Advantage
  • Random Poster's Lucky 7
  • The Arbitrary Award: If you use this award you may flip your pick for all non-Divisional games for one team for the rest of the season.
Nice Little Lead You Got There...It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It: If you win this award you'll be able to insure that all of the teams you picked for the week you declare do not blow a seven or more point lead that they had at the end of the 3rd quarter.

AStudent's GroupThink: No thinking necessary - if you win this award, your record for Week 17 will be the better of Your Picks or that of the (preseason) Consensus.

Last Week Winner: The winner of week 17 automatically has a week 17 loss turned into a tie.

Perfect Weekly Record: If you should manage a perfect weekly record, you will receive DOUBLE the scheduled weekly award (this wouldn't apply to week 16 nor 17) and you'll get that week named after you in perpetuity. (Further, to get week 17 named after you, your record will have to be 16-0 before applying the Last Week Winner award.)

Further, let it be noted that...

Originally Posted by 1695814 (Post 9743132)
  • The decision of how to use the (usually) non-negative award, awarded to the winner of each week, may be changed up to TNF's kickoff.
  • A COFP, once declared, should not be changed.

This is the tentative schedule for weekly awards:

Week 1: You're Gonna' Like the Pick You Made...I Guarantee It
Week 2: You're Gonna' Like the Pick You Made...I Guarantee It
The Arbitrary's Week 3: Lovable Losers
Week 4: Lovable Losers
Week 5: Jables' Home Field Advantage
Week 6: Jables' Home Field Advantage
Week 7: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 8: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 9: Choose Your Own Adventure Award
Week 10: Random Poster's Lucky 7
Week 11: Random Poster's Lucky 7
Week 12: Numbers' Nudge
Week 13: Numbers' Nudge
Week 14:
Nice Little Lead You Got There...It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It
Week 15: Nice Little Lead You Got There...It Would Be A Shame If Something Were To [ahem] Happen To It
Week 16: AStudent's GroupThink
Week 17: Last Week Winner

Early entrants will receive a number of Change one future pick awards depending on how early your selections are made. The number of awards received will be based on a schedule:
Submit before [event, date & time] & receive n COFP awards.

Event      Date & Time    n
NFL Draft      04/25/2019 8:00 PM ET  4
June 1 Tender deadline      06/02/2019 11:59 PM ET 3
Franchise Player Multiyear deadline 07/15/2019 04:00 PM ET 2
Hall of Fame Game      08/01/2019 8:00 PM ET  1

After submitting your picks, if you want to make any changes to them you are free to do so. However, you must make a new post. If you edit your old post, I won't see it, and your change will not be recognized. Obviously, making a new post will result in a new time stamp on your entry, and opens you to ridicule and the Salt In Your Wounds award.

The season starts with Packers @ Bears at 8:20 PM ET on Thursday, September 5th, so I'll need all entries in by then. That gives you plenty of time to submit your predictions. However, I'll allow entries up until the start of the Sunday games on Sept 8th, but you'll be given a loss for the Packers @ Bears season-opening game.

What's in it for you? The winner will receive the adulation of many, a permanent seat in the AO NFL Full Season Pick 'Em Contest Hall of Fame, & the naming rights for the "[ ] 2020 [ ] NFL Full Season Pick'em Contest [ ]".

Finally, please keep in mind, mistakes are going to happen. When they do, we'll deal with them and move on. Your patience and understanding, especially with my intern (who is prone to the most egregious of errors), are necessary conditions of making this whole thing go. The participants of the AO NFL Full Season Pick'em Contests have always been known for their good sportsmanship, jovial banter, and above average looks. Let's continue that tradition.

1695814 04-18-2019 12:37 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Week 1;Packers@Bears;
Week 1;Rams@Panthers;
Week 1;Redskins@Eagles;
Week 1;Bills@Jets;
Week 1;Falcons@Vikings;
Week 1;Ravens@Dolphins;
Week 1;Chiefs@Jaguars;
Week 1;Titans@Browns;
Week 1;Colts@Chargers;
Week 1;Bengals@Seahawks;
Week 1;49ers@Buccaneers;
Week 1;Giants@Cowboys;
Week 1;Lions@Cardinals;
Week 1;Steelers@Patriots;
Week 1;Texans@Saints;
Week 1;Broncos@Raiders;
Week 2;Buccaneers@Panthers;
Week 2;Cardinals@Ravens;
Week 2;Cowboys@Redskins;
Week 2;Colts@Titans;
Week 2;Seahawks@Steelers;
Week 2;Bills@Giants;
Week 2;49ers@Bengals;
Week 2;Chargers@Lions;
Week 2;Vikings@Packers;
Week 2;Jaguars@Texans;
Week 2;Patriots@Dolphins;
Week 2;Chiefs@Raiders;
Week 2;Saints@Rams;
Week 2;Bears@Broncos;
Week 2;Eagles@Falcons;
Week 2;Browns@Jets;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Titans@Jaguars;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bengals@Bills;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Lions@Eagles;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Jets@Patriots;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Raiders@Vikings;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Ravens@Chiefs;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Falcons@Colts;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Broncos@Packers;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Dolphins@Cowboys;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Giants@Buccaneers;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Panthers@Cardinals;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Steelers@49ers;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Saints@Seahawks;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Texans@Chargers;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Rams@Browns;
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bears@Redskins;
Week 4;Eagles@Packers;
Week 4;Titans@Falcons;
Week 4;Redskins@Giants;
Week 4;Chargers@Dolphins;
Week 4;Raiders@Colts;
Week 4;Panthers@Texans;
Week 4;Chiefs@Lions;
Week 4;Browns@Ravens;
Week 4;Patriots@Bills;
Week 4;Buccaneers@Rams;
Week 4;Seahawks@Cardinals;
Week 4;Vikings@Bears;
Week 4;Jaguars@Broncos;
Week 4;Cowboys@Saints;
Week 4;Bengals@Steelers;
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;
Week 5;Jaguars@Panthers;
Week 5;Patriots@Redskins;
Week 5;Bills@Titans;
Week 5;Ravens@Steelers;
Week 5;Cardinals@Bengals;
Week 5;Falcons@Texans;
Week 5;Buccaneers@Saints;
Week 5;Vikings@Giants;
Week 5 in London;Bears@Raiders;
Week 5;Jets@Eagles;
Week 5;Broncos@Chargers;
Week 5;Packers@Cowboys;
Week 5;Colts@Chiefs;
Week 5;Browns@49ers;
Week 6;Giants@Patriots;
Week 6 in London;Panthers@Buccaneers;
Week 6;Redskins@Dolphins;
Week 6;Eagles@Vikings;
Week 6;Texans@Chiefs;
Week 6;Saints@Jaguars;
Week 6;Seahawks@Browns;
Week 6;Bengals@Ravens;
Week 6;49ers@Rams;
Week 6;Falcons@Cardinals;
Week 6;Cowboys@Jets;
Week 6;Titans@Broncos;
Week 6;Steelers@Chargers;
Week 6;Lions@Packers;
Week 7;Chiefs@Broncos;
Week 7;Dolphins@Bills;
Week 7;Jaguars@Bengals;
Week 7;Vikings@Lions;
Week 7;Raiders@Packers;
Week 7;Rams@Falcons;
Week 7;Texans@Colts;
Week 7;49ers@Redskins;
Week 7;Cardinals@Giants;
Week 7;Chargers@Titans;
Week 7;Saints@Bears;
Week 7;Ravens@Seahawks;
Week 7;Eagles@Cowboys;
Week 7;Patriots@Jets;
Week 8;Redskins@Vikings;
Week 8;Seahawks@Falcons;
Week 8;Buccaneers@Titans;
Week 8;Cardinals@Saints;
Week 8 in London;Bengals@Rams;
Week 8;Jets@Jaguars;
Week 8;Eagles@Bills;
Week 8;Chargers@Bears;
Week 8;Giants@Lions;
Week 8;Raiders@Texans;
Week 8;Panthers@49ers;
Week 8;Browns@Patriots;
Week 8;Broncos@Colts;
Week 8;Packers@Chiefs;
Week 8;Dolphins@Steelers;
Week 9;49ers@Cardinals;
Week 9 in London;Texans@Jaguars;
Week 9;Bears@Eagles;
Week 9;Colts@Steelers;
Week 9;Jets@Dolphins;
Week 9;Vikings@Chiefs;
Week 9;Titans@Panthers;
Week 9;Redskins@Bills;
Week 9;Buccaneers@Seahawks;
Week 9;Lions@Raiders;
Week 9;Packers@Chargers;
Week 9;Browns@Broncos;
Week 9;Patriots@Ravens;
Week 9;Cowboys@Giants;
Week 10;Chargers@Raiders;
Week 10;Ravens@Bengals;
Week 10;Bills@Browns;
Week 10;Panthers@Packers;
Week 10;Falcons@Saints;
Week 10;Lions@Bears;
Week 10;Giants@Jets;
Week 10;Chiefs@Titans;
Week 10;Cardinals@Buccaneers;
Week 10;Dolphins@Colts;
Week 10;Rams@Steelers;
Week 10;Vikings@Cowboys;
Week 10;Seahawks@49ers;
Week 11;Steelers@Browns;
Week 11;Falcons@Panthers;
Week 11;Cowboys@Lions;
Week 11;Jaguars@Colts;
Week 11;Bills@Dolphins;
Week 11;Texans@Ravens;
Week 11;Broncos@Vikings;
Week 11;Jets@Redskins;
Week 11;Saints@Buccaneers;
Week 11;Cardinals@49ers;
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;
Week 11;Patriots@Eagles;
Week 11;Bears@Rams;
Week 11 in Mexico;Chiefs@Chargers;
Week 12;Colts@Texans;
Week 12;Broncos@Bills;
Week 12;Giants@Bears;
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;
Week 12;Dolphins@Browns;
Week 12;Buccaneers@Falcons;
Week 12;Panthers@Saints;
Week 12;Lions@Redskins;
Week 12;Raiders@Jets;
Week 12;Jaguars@Titans;
Week 12;Cowboys@Patriots;
Week 12;Packers@49ers;
Week 12;Seahawks@Eagles;
Week 12;Ravens@Rams;
Week 13;Bears@Lions;
Week 13;Bills@Cowboys;
Week 13;Saints@Falcons;
Week 13;Titans@Colts;
Week 13;Jets@Bengals;
Week 13;Redskins@Panthers;
Week 13;49ers@Ravens;
Week 13;Buccaneers@Jaguars;
Week 13;Packers@Giants;
Week 13;Eagles@Dolphins;
Week 13;Raiders@Chiefs;
Week 13;Rams@Cardinals;
Week 13;Browns@Steelers;
Week 13;Chargers@Broncos;
Week 13;Patriots@Texans;
Week 13;Vikings@Seahawks;
Week 14;Cowboys@Bears;
Week 14;Panthers@Falcons;
Week 14;Colts@Buccaneers;
Week 14;Dolphins@Jets;
Week 14;49ers@Saints;
Week 14;Lions@Vikings;
Week 14;Broncos@Texans;
Week 14;Ravens@Bills;
Week 14;Bengals@Browns;
Week 14;Redskins@Packers;
Week 14;Chargers@Jaguars;
Week 14;Steelers@Cardinals;
Week 14;Titans@Raiders;
Week 14;Chiefs@Patriots;
Week 14;Seahawks@Rams;
Week 14;Giants@Eagles;
Week 15;Jets@Ravens;
Week 15;Seahawks@Panthers;
Week 15;Eagles@Redskins;
Week 15;Texans@Titans;
Week 15;Bills@Steelers;
Week 15;Dolphins@Giants;
Week 15;Broncos@Chiefs;
Week 15;Patriots@Bengals;
Week 15;Buccaneers@Lions;
Week 15;Bears@Packers;
Week 15;Jaguars@Raiders;
Week 15;Browns@Cardinals;
Week 15;Falcons@49ers;
Week 15;Rams@Cowboys;
Week 15;Vikings@Chargers;
Week 15;Colts@Saints;
Week 16;Lions@Broncos;
Week 16;Raiders@Chargers;
Week 16;Giants@Redskins;
Week 16;Saints@Titans;
Week 16;Steelers@Jets;
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;
Week 16;Rams@49ers;
Week 16;Texans@Buccaneers;
Week 16;Jaguars@Falcons;
Week 16;Ravens@Browns;
Week 16;Panthers@Colts;
Week 16;Bengals@Dolphins;
Week 16;Cardinals@Seahawks;
Week 16;Cowboys@Eagles;
Week 16;Chiefs@Bears;
Week 16;Packers@Vikings;
Week 17;Steelers@Ravens;
Week 17;Jets@Bills;
Week 17;Falcons@Buccaneers;
Week 17;Eagles@Giants;
Week 17;Saints@Panthers;
Week 17;Browns@Bengals;
Week 17;Redskins@Cowboys;
Week 17;Packers@Lions;
Week 17;Titans@Texans;
Week 17;Colts@Jaguars;
Week 17;Chargers@Chiefs;
Week 17;Bears@Vikings;
Week 17;Dolphins@Patriots;
Week 17;Raiders@Broncos;
Week 17;Cardinals@Rams;
Week 17;49ers@Seahawks;
Do you want to receive a weekly results pm?; Yes or No;
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?;Male, Female, or Neutral;
Quote this post, leave the spoiler tags in place, and delete the superfluous information.

Delete everything in each row except for the team you think will win or enter the name of the team you think will win after the final semicolon in each row.

For best results, do not add/insert rows to your submission.

Also, please answer the two followup questions.

Alternatively, download and complete the attached spreadsheet. Re-post it to this thread or email it to me at actuary1695814 [at] gmail.

1695814 04-18-2019 12:37 AM

Participation by Year:
2009: 20
2010: 23
2011: 31
2012: 19
2013: 32
2014: 34
2015: 27
2016: 24
2017: 33
2018: 27
2019: 27

Here are the players for this season:

Ultimate Anyone?
Vorian Atreides
Kid Rock
RDO Abandoned
R Daneel Olivaw
The Arbitrary
Ezekial Cumberland
RES Abandoned
Italian Halibut
Carrie’s Carebears
A Student

1695814 04-18-2019 12:37 AM

Announcing Preseason Awards:

The Great Minds Think Alike award for the two most correlated entries goes to A695814 & Jahiegel for an astounding 91.4% correlation.

The Opposites Attract award for the two least correlated entries goes to silentassassin & MayanActuary with a measly 54.7% correlation.

The Sheep award for the most correlated with the Consensus picks goes to twig93 who had a correlation of 90.6%.

The Goat award for the least correlated with the Consensus picks goes to MayanActuary with a correlation of only 61.7%.

The Homer award for the player who chose the most home teams goes to A Student (79.7%).

The Rough Road Ahead award for the player who chose the most away teams goes to redearedslider (56.6%).

Congratulations to all of the preseason winners.

1695814 04-18-2019 12:37 AM


3 Eagles over Lions
5 Panthers over Jaguars
8 Saints over Cardinals
12 Browns over Dolphins
17 Chiefs over Chargers

Each team shows up only once this year.

zConsensus' Predicted Standings:

AFC East
Patriots  13  3
Bills      7  9
Jets        5 11
Dolphins    4 12

AFC North
Steelers  11  5
Ravens    10  6
Browns      8  8
Bengals    6 10

AFC South
Colts      9  7
Texans      9  7
Titans      9  7
Jaguars    3 13

AFC West
Chiefs    12  4
Chargers  10  6
Broncos    7  9
Raiders    5 11


NFC East
Cowboys    10  6
Eagles    10  6
Giants      5 11
Redskins    4 12

NFC North
Bears      12  4
Vikings    9  7
Lions      8  8
Packers    7  9

NFC South
Saints    10  6
Panthers    9  7
Falcons    7  9
Buccaneers  6 10

NFC West
Rams      14  2
Seahawks    9  7
49ers      5 11
Cardinals  2 14

1695814 04-18-2019 12:38 AM

Here are the current members of the FSPHOF:

  player                  wins losses ties    %  #
  *Patience                1579    972    9 61.86 10
***The Arbitrary          1567    984    9 61.39 10
  Kid Rock                1562    990    8 61.17 10
  rekrap                  1529  1024    7 59.86 10
  *Ezekial Cumberland      1401    896    7 60.96  9
  *trondogss              1358    939    7 59.09  9
  *Funemployed            1249    792    7 61.16  8
  *JUICE                    630    391    3 61.67  4
  *YetAnotherCareerChanger  610    411    3 59.72  4
  *sam10gle                167    89    0 65.23  1

  # number of seasons played
  * season winner
*** three-time season winner

To qualify for the HOF a player must have either won a season or participated in all seasons. This implies, of course, that a non-season-winner's membership will be revoked by failing to participate.



Originally Posted by 1695814 (Post 8230141)
original post

Updated through 2018:

Fun Facts to Know & Tell regarding the regular season:

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 through the 2018 season...

The home team has won 57.69% of the time.

The average point difference is +2.70 in favor of the home team.

The largest margin of victory for a home team is 59. It happened twice & they were both shutouts: Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams in 1976 & Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots in 2009.

The largest margin of victory for a visiting team is 55: Atlanta Falcons 62 @ New Orleans Saints 7 in 1973.

The modal average margin of victory is 3 points (14.5% of the time). The second most popular margin of victory is 7 points (8.1% of the time). The third is 10 points (5.9%).

There have been 55 ties (0.5% of the games).

The worst year for the home teams was 1972 when they only won 50.8% of the games (92.5-89.5).

The best year for the home teams was 1985 when 64.3% won (144-80).

The lowest total score in a game is 3 points, which has occurred six times, most recently in 2007 Dolphins (0) at Steelers (3).

The highest total score in a game is 106 points, in the 2004 Browns (48) at Bengals (58) game.

Ultimate Anyone? 04-18-2019 01:02 AM

Hopefully the tie-breaker will pay off at some point! :tup:

Week 1;Packers@Bears;Bears
Week 1;Rams@Panthers;Rams
Week 1;Redskins@Eagles;Eagles
Week 1;Bills@Jets;Jets
Week 1;Falcons@Vikings;Vikings
Week 1;Ravens@Dolphins;Ravens
Week 1;Chiefs@Jaguars;Chiefs
Week 1;Titans@Browns;Browns
Week 1;Colts@Chargers;Chargers
Week 1;Bengals@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 1;49ers@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 1;Giants@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 1;Lions@Cardinals;Lions
Week 1;Steelers@Patriots;Patriots
Week 1;Texans@Saints;Saints
Week 1;Broncos@Raiders;Raiders
Week 2;Buccaneers@Panthers;Panthers
Week 2;Cardinals@Ravens;Ravens
Week 2;Cowboys@Redskins;Cowboys
Week 2;Colts@Titans;Titans
Week 2;Seahawks@Steelers;Steelers
Week 2;Bills@Giants;Giants
Week 2;49ers@Bengals;49ers
Week 2;Chargers@Lions;Lions
Week 2;Vikings@Packers;Packers
Week 2;Jaguars@Texans;Texans
Week 2;Patriots@Dolphins;Patriots
Week 2;Chiefs@Raiders;Chiefs
Week 2;Saints@Rams;Rams
Week 2;Bears@Broncos;Bears
Week 2;Eagles@Falcons;Falcons
Week 2;Browns@Jets;Browns
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Titans@Jaguars;Jaguars
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bengals@Bills;Bills
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Lions@Eagles;Eagles
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Jets@Patriots;Patriots
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Raiders@Vikings;Vikings
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Ravens@Chiefs;Chiefs
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Falcons@Colts;Colts
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Broncos@Packers;Packers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Dolphins@Cowboys;Cowboys
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Giants@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Panthers@Cardinals;Panthers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Steelers@49ers;49ers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Saints@Seahawks;Seahawks
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Texans@Chargers;Chargers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Rams@Browns;Rams
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bears@Redskins;Bears
Week 4;Eagles@Packers;Packers
Week 4;Titans@Falcons;Falcons
Week 4;Redskins@Giants;Giants
Week 4;Chargers@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 4;Raiders@Colts;Colts
Week 4;Panthers@Texans;Texans
Week 4;Chiefs@Lions;Chiefs
Week 4;Browns@Ravens;Ravens
Week 4;Patriots@Bills;Patriots
Week 4;Buccaneers@Rams;Rams
Week 4;Seahawks@Cardinals;Seahawks
Week 4;Vikings@Bears;Bears
Week 4;Jaguars@Broncos;Broncos
Week 4;Cowboys@Saints;Saints
Week 4;Bengals@Steelers;Steelers
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 5;Jaguars@Panthers;Panthers
Week 5;Patriots@Redskins;Patriots
Week 5;Bills@Titans;Titans
Week 5;Ravens@Steelers;Steelers
Week 5;Cardinals@Bengals;Bengals
Week 5;Falcons@Texans;Texans
Week 5;Buccaneers@Saints;Saints
Week 5;Vikings@Giants;Vikings
Week 5 in London;Bears@Raiders;Bears
Week 5;Jets@Eagles;Eagles
Week 5;Broncos@Chargers;Chargers
Week 5;Packers@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 5;Colts@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 5;Browns@49ers;49ers
Week 6;Giants@Patriots;Patriots
Week 6 in London;Panthers@Buccaneers;Panthers
Week 6;Redskins@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 6;Eagles@Vikings;Vikings
Week 6;Texans@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 6;Saints@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 6;Seahawks@Browns;Browns
Week 6;Bengals@Ravens;Ravens
Week 6;49ers@Rams;Rams
Week 6;Falcons@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 6;Cowboys@Jets;Jets
Week 6;Titans@Broncos;Broncos
Week 6;Steelers@Chargers;Chargers
Week 6;Lions@Packers;Packers
Week 7;Chiefs@Broncos;Chiefs
Week 7;Dolphins@Bills;Bills
Week 7;Jaguars@Bengals;Bengals
Week 7;Vikings@Lions;Lions
Week 7;Raiders@Packers;Packers
Week 7;Rams@Falcons;Rams
Week 7;Texans@Colts;Colts
Week 7;49ers@Redskins;49ers
Week 7;Cardinals@Giants;Giants
Week 7;Chargers@Titans;Titans
Week 7;Saints@Bears;Bears
Week 7;Ravens@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 7;Eagles@Cowboys;Eagles
Week 7;Patriots@Jets;Patriots
Week 8;Redskins@Vikings;Vikings
Week 8;Seahawks@Falcons;Falcons
Week 8;Buccaneers@Titans;Titans
Week 8;Cardinals@Saints;Saints
Week 8 in London;Bengals@Rams;Rams
Week 8;Jets@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 8;Eagles@Bills;Bills
Week 8;Chargers@Bears;Bears
Week 8;Giants@Lions;Giants
Week 8;Raiders@Texans;Texans
Week 8;Panthers@49ers;49ers
Week 8;Browns@Patriots;Patriots
Week 8;Broncos@Colts;Colts
Week 8;Packers@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 8;Dolphins@Steelers;Steelers
Week 9;49ers@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 9 in London;Texans@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 9;Bears@Eagles;Bears
Week 9;Colts@Steelers;Steelers
Week 9;Jets@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 9;Vikings@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 9;Titans@Panthers;Panthers
Week 9;Redskins@Bills;Bills
Week 9;Buccaneers@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 9;Lions@Raiders;Raiders
Week 9;Packers@Chargers;Chargers
Week 9;Browns@Broncos;Browns
Week 9;Patriots@Ravens;Ravens
Week 9;Cowboys@Giants;Cowboys
Week 10;Chargers@Raiders;Chargers
Week 10;Ravens@Bengals;Bengals
Week 10;Bills@Browns;Browns
Week 10;Panthers@Packers;Panthers
Week 10;Falcons@Saints;Saints
Week 10;Lions@Bears;Bears
Week 10;Giants@Jets;Jets
Week 10;Chiefs@Titans;Titans
Week 10;Cardinals@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 10;Dolphins@Colts;Colts
Week 10;Rams@Steelers;Rams
Week 10;Vikings@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 10;Seahawks@49ers;49ers
Week 11;Steelers@Browns;Browns
Week 11;Falcons@Panthers;Falcons
Week 11;Cowboys@Lions;Cowboys
Week 11;Jaguars@Colts;Colts
Week 11;Bills@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 11;Texans@Ravens;Ravens
Week 11;Broncos@Vikings;Vikings
Week 11;Jets@Redskins;Jets
Week 11;Saints@Buccaneers;Saints
Week 11;Cardinals@49ers;49ers
Week 11;Bengals@Raiders;Raiders
Week 11;Patriots@Eagles;Eagles
Week 11;Bears@Rams;Rams
Week 11 in Mexico;Chiefs@Chargers;Chargers
Week 12;Colts@Texans;Texans
Week 12;Broncos@Bills;Bills
Week 12;Giants@Bears;Bears
Week 12;Steelers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 12;Dolphins@Browns;Browns
Week 12;Buccaneers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 12;Panthers@Saints;Saints
Week 12;Lions@Redskins;Redskins
Week 12;Raiders@Jets;Jets
Week 12;Jaguars@Titans;Jaguars
Week 12;Cowboys@Patriots;Patriots
Week 12;Packers@49ers;49ers
Week 12;Seahawks@Eagles;Seahawks
Week 12;Ravens@Rams;Rams
Week 13;Bears@Lions;Bears
Week 13;Bills@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 13;Saints@Falcons;Falcons
Week 13;Titans@Colts;Colts
Week 13;Jets@Bengals;Bengals
Week 13;Redskins@Panthers;Redskins
Week 13;49ers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 13;Buccaneers@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 13;Packers@Giants;Giants
Week 13;Eagles@Dolphins;Eagles
Week 13;Raiders@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 13;Rams@Cardinals;Rams
Week 13;Browns@Steelers;Steelers
Week 13;Chargers@Broncos;Broncos
Week 13;Patriots@Texans;Texans
Week 13;Vikings@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 14;Cowboys@Bears;Bears
Week 14;Panthers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 14;Colts@Buccaneers;Colts
Week 14;Dolphins@Jets;Jets
Week 14;49ers@Saints;Saints
Week 14;Lions@Vikings;Vikings
Week 14;Broncos@Texans;Texans
Week 14;Ravens@Bills;Bills
Week 14;Bengals@Browns;Browns
Week 14;Redskins@Packers;Packers
Week 14;Chargers@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 14;Steelers@Cardinals;Steelers
Week 14;Titans@Raiders;Raiders
Week 14;Chiefs@Patriots;Patriots
Week 14;Seahawks@Rams;Rams
Week 14;Giants@Eagles;Giants
Week 15;Jets@Ravens;Ravens
Week 15;Seahawks@Panthers;Panthers
Week 15;Eagles@Redskins;Eagles
Week 15;Texans@Titans;Texans
Week 15;Bills@Steelers;Steelers
Week 15;Dolphins@Giants;Giants
Week 15;Broncos@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 15;Patriots@Bengals;Patriots
Week 15;Buccaneers@Lions;Lions
Week 15;Bears@Packers;Packers
Week 15;Jaguars@Raiders;Raiders
Week 15;Browns@Cardinals;Browns
Week 15;Falcons@49ers;49ers
Week 15;Rams@Cowboys;Rams
Week 15;Vikings@Chargers;Chargers
Week 15;Colts@Saints;Saints
Week 16;Lions@Broncos;Lions
Week 16;Raiders@Chargers;Chargers
Week 16;Giants@Redskins;Redskins
Week 16;Saints@Titans;Titans
Week 16;Steelers@Jets;Steelers
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;Patriots
Week 16;Rams@49ers;Rams
Week 16;Texans@Buccaneers;Texans
Week 16;Jaguars@Falcons;Falcons
Week 16;Ravens@Browns;Browns
Week 16;Panthers@Colts;Colts
Week 16;Bengals@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 16;Cardinals@Seahawks;Seahawks
Week 16;Cowboys@Eagles;Cowboys
Week 16;Chiefs@Bears;Bears
Week 16;Packers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 17;Steelers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 17;Jets@Bills;Bills
Week 17;Falcons@Buccaneers;Falcons
Week 17;Eagles@Giants;Eagles
Week 17;Saints@Panthers;Panthers
Week 17;Browns@Bengals;Browns
Week 17;Redskins@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 17;Packers@Lions;Lions
Week 17;Titans@Texans;Texans
Week 17;Colts@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 17;Chargers@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 17;Bears@Vikings;Bears
Week 17;Dolphins@Patriots;Patriots
Week 17;Raiders@Broncos;Raiders
Week 17;Cardinals@Rams;Rams
Week 17;49ers@Seahawks;Seahawks
Do you want to receive a weekly results pm?; No;
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?;Male

1695814 04-18-2019 01:35 AM

First in our hearts and first in line, entering his 8th FSP contest with an overall record of 1040-746-6 (58.2%), we welcome Ultimate Anyone?. As the first one in line you are guaranteed to win all tie breakers that you are involved in. If you resubmit your entries, you will lose your place in line, of course.

His favorite team is the Rams at 15-1. His underdog team is the Cardinals at 2-14.

Further, by entering before the NFL Draft deadline you have received 4 Change One Future Pick awards. These may be used at anytime before the kickoff of the game to which they are applied. If you resubmit your entries, you will forfeit this award and your place in line.

Ultimate Anyone?'s Predicted Standings:

AFC East
Patriots  13  3
Bills      7  9
Jets        6 10
Dolphins    5 11

AFC North
Browns    11  5
Ravens      9  7
Steelers    9  7
Bengals    5 11

AFC South
Texans    10  6
Colts      9  7
Jaguars    8  8
Titans      6 10

AFC West
Chiefs    12  4
Chargers    9  7
Raiders    6 10
Broncos    3 13


NFC East
Cowboys    10  6
Eagles      8  8
Giants      7  9
Redskins    3 13

NFC North
Bears      14  2
Vikings    8  8
Packers    7  9
Lions      6 10

NFC South
Falcons    9  7
Saints      9  7
Panthers    8  8
Buccaneers  3 13

NFC West
Rams      15  1
49ers      9  7
Seahawks    9  7
Cardinals  2 14

Vorian Atreides 04-18-2019 09:11 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Ultimate Anyone? (Post 9599813)
Hopefully the tie-breaker will pay off at some point! :tup:

It didn't help much last year. :tfh:

twig93 04-18-2019 11:27 AM

Hopefully getting in early will help as I had a lot of ties last year!

Week 1;Packers;Bears;;Bears
Week 1;Rams;Panthers;;Rams
Week 1;Redskins;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 1;Bills;Jets;;Jets
Week 1;Falcons;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 1;Ravens;Dolphins;;Ravens
Week 1;Chiefs;Jaguars;;Chiefs
Week 1;Titans;Browns;;Browns
Week 1;Colts;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 1;Bengals;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 1;49ers;Buccaneers;;Buccaneers
Week 1;Giants;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 1;Lions;Cardinals;;Lions
Week 1;Steelers;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 1;Texans;Saints;;Saints
Week 1;Broncos;Raiders;;Broncos
Week 2;Buccaneers;Panthers;;Panthers
Week 2;Cardinals;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 2;Cowboys;Redskins;;Cowboys
Week 2;Colts;Titans;;Titans
Week 2;Seahawks;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 2;Bills;Giants;;Giants
Week 2;49ers;Bengals;;Bengals
Week 2;Chargers;Lions;;Chargers
Week 2;Vikings;Packers;;Packers
Week 2;Jaguars;Texans;;Texans
Week 2;Patriots;Dolphins;;Patriots
Week 2;Chiefs;Raiders;;Chiefs
Week 2;Saints;Rams;;Rams
Week 2;Bears;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 2;Eagles;Falcons;;Eagles
Week 2;Browns;Jets;;Jets
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Titans;Jaguars;;Titans
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bengals;Bills;;Bills
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Lions;Eagles;;Eagles
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Jets;Patriots;;Patriots
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Raiders;Vikings;;Vikings
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Ravens;Chiefs;;Chiefs
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Falcons;Colts;;Colts
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Broncos;Packers;;Packers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Dolphins;Cowboys;;Cowboys
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Giants;Buccaneers;;Buccaneers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Panthers;Cardinals;;Panthers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Steelers;49ers;;Steelers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Saints;Seahawks;;Seahawks
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Texans;Chargers;;Chargers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Rams;Browns;;Rams
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bears;Redskins;;Bears
Week 4;Eagles;Packers;;Eagles
Week 4;Titans;Falcons;;Falcons
Week 4;Redskins;Giants;;Giants
Week 4;Chargers;Dolphins;;Chargers
Week 4;Raiders;Colts;;Colts
Week 4;Panthers;Texans;;Texans
Week 4;Chiefs;Lions;;Chiefs
Week 4;Browns;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 4;Patriots;Bills;;Patriots
Week 4;Buccaneers;Rams;;Rams
Week 4;Seahawks;Cardinals;;Seahawks
Week 4;Vikings;Bears;;Bears
Week 4;Jaguars;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 4;Cowboys;Saints;;Saints
Week 4;Bengals;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 5;Rams;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 5;Jaguars;Panthers;;Panthers
Week 5;Patriots;Redskins;;Patriots
Week 5;Bills;Titans;;Titans
Week 5;Ravens;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 5;Cardinals;Bengals;;Bengals
Week 5;Falcons;Texans;;Texans
Week 5;Buccaneers;Saints;;Saints
Week 5;Vikings;Giants;;Vikings
Week 5;Bears;Raiders;London;Bears
Week 5;Jets;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 5;Broncos;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 5;Packers;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 5;Colts;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 5;Browns;49ers;;Browns
Week 6;Giants;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 6;Panthers;Buccaneers;London;Panthers
Week 6;Redskins;Dolphins;;Dolphins
Week 6;Eagles;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 6;Texans;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 6;Saints;Jaguars;;Saints
Week 6;Seahawks;Browns;;Browns
Week 6;Bengals;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 6;49ers;Rams;;Rams
Week 6;Falcons;Cardinals;;Falcons
Week 6;Cowboys;Jets;;Cowboys
Week 6;Titans;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 6;Steelers;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 6;Lions;Packers;;Packers
Week 7;Chiefs;Broncos;;Chiefs
Week 7;Dolphins;Bills;;Bills
Week 7;Jaguars;Bengals;;Bengals
Week 7;Vikings;Lions;;Lions
Week 7;Raiders;Packers;;Packers
Week 7;Rams;Falcons;;Rams
Week 7;Texans;Colts;;Colts
Week 7;49ers;Redskins;;Redskins
Week 7;Cardinals;Giants;;Giants
Week 7;Chargers;Titans;;Chargers
Week 7;Saints;Bears;;Bears
Week 7;Ravens;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 7;Eagles;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 7;Patriots;Jets;;Patriots
Week 8;Redskins;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 8;Seahawks;Falcons;;Seahawks
Week 8;Buccaneers;Titans;;Titans
Week 8;Cardinals;Saints;;Saints
Week 8;Bengals;Rams;London;Rams
Week 8;Jets;Jaguars;;Jaguars
Week 8;Eagles;Bills;;Eagles
Week 8;Chargers;Bears;;Bears
Week 8;Giants;Lions;;Lions
Week 8;Raiders;Texans;;Texans
Week 8;Panthers;49ers;;49ers
Week 8;Browns;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 8;Broncos;Colts;;Colts
Week 8;Packers;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 8;Dolphins;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 9;49ers;Cardinals;;Cardinals
Week 9;Texans;Jaguars;London;Texans
Week 9;Bears;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 9;Colts;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 9;Jets;Dolphins;;Jets
Week 9;Vikings;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 9;Titans;Panthers;;Panthers
Week 9;Redskins;Bills;;Bills
Week 9;Buccaneers;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 9;Lions;Raiders;;Raiders
Week 9;Packers;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 9;Browns;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 9;Patriots;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 9;Cowboys;Giants;;Cowboys
Week 10;Chargers;Raiders;;Chargers
Week 10;Ravens;Bengals;;Ravens
Week 10;Bills;Browns;;Browns
Week 10;Panthers;Packers;;Packers
Week 10;Falcons;Saints;;Saints
Week 10;Lions;Bears;;Bears
Week 10;Giants;Jets;;Jets
Week 10;Chiefs;Titans;;Chiefs
Week 10;Cardinals;Buccaneers;;Buccaneers
Week 10;Dolphins;Colts;;Colts
Week 10;Rams;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 10;Vikings;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 10;Seahawks;49ers;;Seahawks
Week 11;Steelers;Browns;;Browns
Week 11;Falcons;Panthers;;Panthers
Week 11;Cowboys;Lions;;Lions
Week 11;Jaguars;Colts;;Colts
Week 11;Bills;Dolphins;;Dolphins
Week 11;Texans;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 11;Broncos;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 11;Jets;Redskins;;Redskins
Week 11;Saints;Buccaneers;;Saints
Week 11;Cardinals;49ers;;49ers
Week 11;Bengals;Raiders;;Raiders
Week 11;Patriots;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 11;Bears;Rams;;Rams
Week 11;Chiefs;Chargers;Mexico;Chiefs
Week 12;Colts;Texans;;Texans
Week 12;Broncos;Bills;;Broncos
Week 12;Giants;Bears;;Bears
Week 12;Steelers;Bengals;;Steelers
Week 12;Dolphins;Browns;;Browns
Week 12;Buccaneers;Falcons;;Falcons
Week 12;Panthers;Saints;;Saints
Week 12;Lions;Redskins;;Redskins
Week 12;Raiders;Jets;;Jets
Week 12;Jaguars;Titans;;Titans
Week 12;Cowboys;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 12;Packers;49ers;;49ers
Week 12;Seahawks;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 12;Ravens;Rams;;Rams
Week 13;Bears;Lions;;Lions
Week 13;Bills;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 13;Saints;Falcons;;Saints
Week 13;Titans;Colts;;Colts
Week 13;Jets;Bengals;;Bengals
Week 13;Redskins;Panthers;;Panthers
Week 13;49ers;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 13;Buccaneers;Jaguars;;Jaguars
Week 13;Packers;Giants;;Giants
Week 13;Eagles;Dolphins;;Eagles
Week 13;Raiders;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 13;Rams;Cardinals;;Rams
Week 13;Browns;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 13;Chargers;Broncos;;Chargers
Week 13;Patriots;Texans;;Texans
Week 13;Vikings;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 14;Cowboys;Bears;;Bears
Week 14;Panthers;Falcons;;Falcons
Week 14;Colts;Buccaneers;;Colts
Week 14;Dolphins;Jets;;Jets
Week 14;49ers;Saints;;Saints
Week 14;Lions;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 14;Broncos;Texans;;Texans
Week 14;Ravens;Bills;;Ravens
Week 14;Bengals;Browns;;Browns
Week 14;Redskins;Packers;;Packers
Week 14;Chargers;Jaguars;;Chargers
Week 14;Steelers;Cardinals;;Steelers
Week 14;Titans;Raiders;;Titans
Week 14;Chiefs;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 14;Seahawks;Rams;;Rams
Week 14;Giants;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 15;Jets;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 15;Seahawks;Panthers;;Seahawks
Week 15;Eagles;Redskins;;Eagles
Week 15;Texans;Titans;;Titans
Week 15;Bills;Steelers;;Steelers
Week 15;Dolphins;Giants;;Giants
Week 15;Broncos;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 15;Patriots;Bengals;;Patriots
Week 15;Buccaneers;Lions;;Lions
Week 15;Bears;Packers;;Bears
Week 15;Jaguars;Raiders;;Raiders
Week 15;Browns;Cardinals;;Browns
Week 15;Falcons;49ers;;49ers
Week 15;Rams;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 15;Vikings;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 15;Colts;Saints;;Saints
Week 16;Lions;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 16;Raiders;Chargers;;Chargers
Week 16;Giants;Redskins;;Redskins
Week 16;Saints;Titans;;Titans
Week 16;Steelers;Jets;;Steelers
Week 16;Bills;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 16;Rams;49ers;;Rams
Week 16;Texans;Buccaneers;;Buccaneers
Week 16;Jaguars;Falcons;;Falcons
Week 16;Ravens;Browns;;Browns
Week 16;Panthers;Colts;;Colts
Week 16;Bengals;Dolphins;;Dolphins
Week 16;Cardinals;Seahawks;;Seahawks
Week 16;Cowboys;Eagles;;Eagles
Week 16;Chiefs;Bears;;Bears
Week 16;Packers;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 17;Steelers;Ravens;;Ravens
Week 17;Jets;Bills;;Bills
Week 17;Falcons;Buccaneers;;Buccaneers
Week 17;Eagles;Giants;;Eagles
Week 17;Saints;Panthers;;Saints
Week 17;Browns;Bengals;;Bengals
Week 17;Redskins;Cowboys;;Cowboys
Week 17;Packers;Lions;;Lions
Week 17;Titans;Texans;;Texans
Week 17;Colts;Jaguars;;Colts
Week 17;Chargers;Chiefs;;Chiefs
Week 17;Bears;Vikings;;Vikings
Week 17;Dolphins;Patriots;;Patriots
Week 17;Raiders;Broncos;;Broncos
Week 17;Cardinals;Rams;;Rams
Week 17;49ers;Seahawks;;Seahawks

Do you want to receive a weekly results pm? No
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you? Is "female" not an option??? Your choices were "neutral" and "male", but I'll take "female" if that's an option! Otherwise neutral I guess.

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