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Cookies&Cream 12-05-2016 02:43 PM

FSA modules for GH track
I'm sure it has been discussed on this forum before, but couldn't find a thread. Anyone can give some insight on how the three FSA modules needed for the GH track compare to each other? I passed the 3 exams (incl. GH Spec), and I now have the modules left. I only got my ASA 6 months ago after an agonizing 2 years of working the FAP modules (and failing the FA twice), so let's just say modules in general are not my strength! :shrug:

I now need to plan my company-provided study time between each of the 3 modules and the order in which I will tackle them. Also, a rough estimate of how many hours it takes to complete the EOM tasks would be good! I plan on only skimming through the readings (is that a good idea)?

Thanks a lot! :tup:

Fat Ninja 12-05-2016 03:04 PM

The order of the modules is not really relevant since they are not related to each other.

Unlike the FAP modules, the readings for the FSA modules are actually relevant to the EOM exercise, so at the very least you should skim through it enough to know where things are. And I found that I had to look through the module materials for answers for these modules more often than when I did the FAP modules (where for the most part I could just do what I thought was right without any research).

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