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Let me tell you a few things. As a disclaimer, I love pure mathematics. Real Analysis, out of all of the courses I have taken, is my favorite course.

No actuarial employer cares about theoretical math and proofs. In fact, when I mentioned that I had taken Real Analysis in an interview, the interviewer kinda backed off and said that "we are not looking for detail-oriented people, but rather people who are focused on the big picture." So you may want to think about this as you construct your cover letter.

As for the resume, avoid having it in color. Put it in black and white.

Remove the objective statement. It's pretty obvious what you're looking for once you apply.

Remove the coursework. As justification, see my statement about math and proofs above. (My dream is to take a stochastic processes course some day with measure theory, by the way.)

Can you say more about your leadership and work experiences? Those seem to be the areas most employers focus on.
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