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As the guy working in Todd Bowles' defense in Tampa, Barrett thrived like a duck to water. His 19.5 sacks are 1.5 more than the career-high of his former teammate, Von Miller. For his part, Miller couldn't be happier for his former teammate of five years.

“He could have played on the field, it was just the way things were set up,’’ Von Miller said told Klis on Saturday on the NFL Honors red carpet. “But you saw when he got his own situation, he started to develop and he just blew up. It’s not really a surprise to us because we saw it all the time in practice going against the ones.”

Again, it's hard to fault the Broncos for letting Barrett walk. But there's something to be said for getting starter's reps for the entirety of a season, which allows a pass rusher to get into the zone and groove of a game, learn to set up and exploit opponents' pass-blocking tells and establish more consistent results.

Is this another bad decision by Elway? Could have used the pick they made with Chubb on something else had they the ability to see into the future.
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In the Brock Turner case, my view that she had some responsibility was very limited: she got black-out drunk... at a frat party... where she didn't know anyone other than her sister. She made herself incredibly vulnerable in a room full of drunken college students, where frats already have an association with rape. She can wear whatever she wants... but she made herself incapable of even expressing an opinion about whether she wanted to leave the party with him or not.
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