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Originally Posted by 1695814 View Post
I have query that joins two tables, ReservesCurr & ReservesPrev, by Policy.
In each table is a field called "Reserve".

In my output, it is (automatically) labeling those "Reserve" & "Reserve1".

I'd rather have it be something more descriptive. Even ReservesCurr.Reserve & ReservesPrev.Reserve would be useful.

I don't know how to do that.
In the query design screen, you can assign new field names to the output of the query

In the top row, one cell might read "ReservesCurr: [ReservesCurr].[Reserve]", while another cell might read "ReservesPrev: [ReservesPrev].[Reserve]".

By doing that, you assign field name "ReservesCurr" to the "Reserves" value coming from table ReservesCurr, and you assign field name "ReservesPrev" to the other one.

This tactic also comes in handy when doing aggregate queries, and you don't want automatic field names like "SumOfReserves".
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