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Originally Posted by mmtl View Post
It is very unfortunate that the April exams have been postponed. I now worry about the level of preparedness of all the candidates, if everyone is now extra prepared for the exam that will make the passing grade even tougher to achieve than usual!?

I am the only one that this is creating anxiety for?!
The CAS doesn't set the pass mark based on how well people do, but based on their opinion of how well a MQC (minimally qualified candidate) would do. If everyone is better prepared, then the pass rates will just be higher than normal this sitting, which is definitely not a bad thing. Regardless of how well someone does compared to other candidates, if they mastered the material and showed that in the exam, they should pass.

I'm still not totally convinced the delay will make everyone better prepared though. Many will probably procrastinate now that exams are so far away and end up just pushing their schedule back. Now that offices and public places are closed, others will be stuck at home with their kids which will make studying very difficult.

I wouldn't worry about it. Just learn the material well enough to where you would have been comfortably above the pass mark on the recent sittings and you should be fine.
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