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                   A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H
oirg              4D    3N     P   Dbl    3D    5S    3H    H2
SW                 P     P     P    4D    2N    4S    3S    C8
Klaymen           4D     P    2H    3S    2N    4N    3S    H2
ST                4D     P    2H    4D    2N    4S    3S    D3
BTDT               P     P    2H    4D    2N    5S    3S    D3
NN                 P     P    2H     P    2N    4S    3S    D3
Veni Vidi Vici     P    2N    2H    3N    2N    4N    3S    H2
kmbrunskill       4D    3N    2H    3S    2N    4S    3S    D3
mathmajor         4D     P     P    4D    2N    4S    3H    D3
4 Sigma                                                       
Leading           4D     P    2H    4D    2N    4S    3S    D3
We now have a leader on all of them, and on all except A the leader is at least two votes ahead of the runner up. Potentially 3 people still to vote, and changes are allowed.
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