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So my votes are now P P 2H P 2N 4N 3S H2.

I could reasonably have passed on the first four problems...C was pretty close, too.

After thinking long about problem F I still like 4N. I'll take the chance that I can find a 12th trick if partner has 3 first rounders. If he shows odd number of aces and a void by bidding 5NT (5S would show even number and a void, since it's not one of the normal responses to BWS Blackwood...Len you might want to look that one up, too!), I'll bid 6C as a grand try. and then signoff in spades. I think partner should work out that 5S over his 5H is to play.

Problem H is even tougher. The diamond leaders make a lot of good points, but I still think it should be partner leading diamonds and hearts seem like the best way to give him the lead.
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