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                   A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H
EB                4D     P    3D    4D    3N    6S    3S    D3
oirg              4D    3N     P   Dbl    3D    5S    3H    H2
SW                 P     P     P    4D    2N    4S    3S    C8
Klaymen           4D     P    2H    3S    2N    4N    3S    H2
ST                4D     P    2H    4D    2N    4S    3S    D3
BTDT               P     P    2H    4D    2N    5S    3S    D3
NN                 P     P    2H     P    2N    4S    3S    D3
Veni Vidi Vici     P     P    2H     P    2N    4N    3S    H2
kmbrunskill       4D    3N    2H    3S    2N    4S    3S    D3
mathmajor         4D     P     P    4D    2N    4S    3H    D3
4 Sigma                                                       
Submitted         4D     P    2H    4D    2N    4S    3S    D3
Results will likely be available May 11. I may not have internet access for several days after that. You could get scores by problem here

and find out if we made the honor roll (as Steve White) here

Until late afternoon May 10, and maybe until May 11, those links will have the May problem results. We're answering the June problems now. I will post results when I get a chance, maybe not until May 21.
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