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Originally Posted by 1695814 View Post
Way to go, twig93. You bungled your The Arbitrary Award by changing your Steelers picks. You ended up with two extra wins but three extra losses! Nice job!
So according to my records...

Actual: 153-102-1 59.96%
Hypothetical: 155-97-4 61.33%

Hypothetical is if I would’ve stuck with the default award. I would’ve won week 9, taken the JHFA on week 10, bungled the extra COFP but partially salvaged it to a tie that week, plus picked up some wins & ties due to the two weeks of JHFA.

Oh well! Thanks 1691854 for running the game again. See y’all next year!
Originally Posted by Gandalf
The thing that is clearest is twig's advice

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