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Default [Riskies] And the winners are...

Sure most of you have seen these by now. But here are the official results.

Thread of the Year - Rickson Comic Strip - Ziebo7

Poster of the Year - Formletter

Post of the Year - Browncoat
Originally Posted by Pseudolus View Post
Could a multi-function pen be made? <click> Write in blue. <click> Write in black. <click> Write in red. <click> Prevent sudden death due to anaphylactic shock. <click> Write in blue some more

Originally Posted by Browncoat View Post
See, if it were me, I'd be in my anaphylactic shock, and the coroner's report would say, "Died from blue, black, and red ink marks on his ass."

Rookie of the Year - Rulebreaker

Best Parody Thread - Abused Student - The Perfect Salary for Hippies: $75

Best Meltdown - CNN

Best Use of Catphrase - Agadefe (coining giraffe)

Most Helpful Poster - Gandalf

Reef Award - Rulebreaker (wow)

Political Award - win diesel

NAT Award - Inconceivable

Diversions Award - Linus

The Academy would like to congratulate all of this year's winners! We look forward to another great year of wasting time at work!
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