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Originally Posted by ao fan View Post
i'm concerned that they will at some point have a lockdown of NYC like they are in italy. that would be extreme and I hope that doesn't happen. people will riot.
New Rochelle, anyone?

Originally Posted by fdsafdsa View Post
Here's my data, Canada has been testing extensively, has ~40 million people, and 77 confirmed cases, all of which have been linked to foreign travel. So, I'm going to keep living my life.
So, it probably doesn't make sense for you to do anything except make sure you have some extra supplies on hand. That's not dgtatum's situation. He's talking about being indifferent to accelerating the local spread of the virus.

Originally Posted by dgtatum View Post
That's just a bit of an overreaction. It's already community spreading in Kentucky. It has likely been doing so for a while now as I suspected based on what they know on the people who have it after the first few tests were run. I just don't see a reason to change behavior when I already believe and data is confirming that this thing is widespread where I live because I am not going to prevent the spread of anything. A rector in Washington DC came to Louisville and went home with the disease. 2 people in Lexington and 3 in tiny Cynthiana have been tested positive and they aren't linked to any of the known outbreaks and they aren't linked to each other. It's already everywhere in this state if that is the case. Like I said I'm not preventing anything. I will certainly wash my hands like I always do and stay home when I am sick like I always do as well. I will not stop living, I will refinance my mortgage and buy stocks.
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