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Originally Posted by tbug View Post
My job is just about break even. I don't quit and stay home because I can reasonably expect to be making more money soon, which should result in me actually making some money. Which will be nice.

Also I love my kids' preschool and I wouldn't want to have to keep them home all day every day until they start Kindergarten.
So you're working towards FSA? Meaning you're an ASA?

The lowest DWSimpson salary for an ASA is $75K a year.

Even if half your salary went to taxes, "break-even" would mean $3K a month on childcare. That's far more than any estimates I've found in my research.

I'm not trying to pick on you or anything, it just seems like something doesn't add up.
Originally Posted by redprinceton View Post
"Cancel-culture" doesn't exist. The concept is a PsyOp against poor people who suddenly (though stochastically) have as loud of a voice as rich people.
President Trump is a white supremacist.

We've been over this many times, but since some people like to pretend we haven't, I'm using my sig as a place to list the fairly obvious examples of treating whites as superior to others.

Now, when lazy and disingenuous people try to claim ignorance, I'm 100% entitled to dismissing them as lazy or disingenuous. Hope it helps!

The short list
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