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Originally Posted by BG5150 View Post
I doubt I'd read 21 books of any series. I'll probably just do the first 3, maybe 6, if they hold my interest. I may have read like 15 of the Xanth books as a teenager, though. They were easy reading.

I jump around too much in my subjects to get through more than 5 or 6 books of a series. And rarely, do I read more than 2 in a row before I move onto something else.

I bounce through nonfiction: biographies, history, science, space, essays on writing, business. Fiction: 20th century "classics", fantasy, 19th century classics, sci-fi, short stories.
I do them in batches of 3-6, then I take a break for a few months. I try to alternate series, trilogy, and one-off reads. I'm roughly 2/3 fantasy and 1/3 literary classics lately.

I don't purposefully read much nonfiction (I tend to read it periodically in bite-size online. It's not unheard of or me to have a 100 wiki links open that I've surfed through). I did just read Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, and now I'm reading some James Baldwin.
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