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And we are set for Week 13! Happy Turkey Day, y'all!

Person      QB           RB           WR           
ReservRage  DBrees       DHenry       ZErtz
EzklCumberl PMahomes     JJacobs      THill
jesusislord SDarnold     CMcCaffrey   DChark
tometom     DBrees       JJacobs      JEdelman
CaptDingo   CWentz       CMcCaffrey   TKelce
1happyactry PMahomes     CMcCaffrey   MThomas
ImPrettyDum DBrees       LBell        MThomas
Jahiegel    SDarnold     EElliott     JEdelman
RayFinkle   PMahomes     CMcCaffrey   DChark
ArthurItas  ARodgers     TGurley      DAdams
rekrap      NFoles       CMcCaffrey   MEvans
Funemployed DBrees       MSanders     DAdams
silentassn  PMahomes     JWilliams    DJMoore
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