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Default Fast forward to APC? Help!

I need a little advice. I currently live in Jamaica and I'm still a student...I know that regularly, eligibility for the APC requires that you have MOST of the credentials required for ASA already. However, apparently for the APC in Jamaica, December 2013 in particular, they have relaxed some of these requirements. I have received an e-mail from the Director of International Activities (SOA) suggesting that I may register for this APC session given the exam credits I have already, if I desire to be an ASA.

My issue however is that I'm still not quite sure which of the SOA/CAS routes I will take yet! My applications will be sent for pretty much every LOB but if I am privileged enough to have a choice, I think I would actually go with P&C. There is no guarantee however that I will stay/even end up in P&C though, because I haven't tried and gotten a taste of anything other than some internships in Life. I still have no idea which LOB I will end up in.

APC in my very own country about a 3 hr drive away, without requiring 4/5 exams and FAP modules...sounds like a pretty juicy offer. But if it's something that I'd end up just wasting money for because I ultimately decide to pursue an FCAS instead, it wouldn't make much sense.

So, who thinks I should capitalize on this offer and register?

(NB. My sig indicates my exam progress so far and I plan to start working around June 2014)
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