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Default Entry Level Field Change

Here's my situation:

I recently, about a month and a half ago, started my first job out of college at a Retirement Consulting firm. I quickly realized that this is not the direction I want my career to go in. The culture is good and I don't mind the hours but the issue I'm having is that the work is simply underwhelming. Turns out that I'm not interested in pension. Essentially what it boils down to is the fact that I would not want to do my boss' job. This has me thinking that I'm wasting my time in an entry level position where I have no interest in progressing. I interned in life insurance and found that to be much more interesting, at the very least more analytical. In the end, I would like to get out of pension and back into life.

My question is this, should I try to cut my losses and apply for jobs in life now or should I adhere to the philosophy that you should stay in your first job for a year. My concern is that if I leave now I will appear as a job hopper or lacking commitment but if I stay for too long I might become over qualified for an entry level position in life.

In summary, should I be more concerned about finding an entry level position in the field I want to end up in or about making sure my resume looks good for when I want to make that switch.
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