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Originally Posted by Joker25 View Post
I quickly realized that this is not the direction I want my career to go in.
Essentially what it boils down to is the fact that I would not want to do my boss' job.
I interned in life insurance and found that to be much more interesting, at the very least more analytical.
A few thoughts:

Agree with comments above, leave asap. That's best for you, best for your current employer (assuming you'll eventually leave, the sooner you do the sooner they can look for their next person), best for your next employer. And def agree w/ JMO.

"I would not want to do my boss's job" - congrats on thinking the correct way about the career path IMO. If that's how you feel, then get out now.

A little weird that you interned in life and ended up in a field you didn't like. Think about that for a bit - how did you miss the issue that this wouldn't be interesting for you - you had an internship that in hindsight you liked (are you sure this isn't just a "grass is greener" phenomenon?) and either didn't get an offer (which is a sign of a particular problem) or you got an offer and decided to reject that in favor of going into a field that is pretty known as being undesirable (a different problem). So, worth considering a bit about how that happened to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself. If you accept a bad choice now, it will get a lot harder to make the next switch.

And, recommend that if you turned down the life offer from your internship, consider calling them and just saying that you made a mistake and want to know if there's an opening. Might feel like swallowing your pride, but as long as you handled it professionally, they probably won't feel that way.
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