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I'm in the same boat as you. I don't know if there's a reliable timing trend that you can follow for these APCs, other than the February/March ones fill up super quickly since it can take a while for SOA to release the schedule at the beginning of the year (Feb 2017 filled up in less than a week).

Registration for the one in Chicago on 7/31 opened up early March and filled up within about a month. Registration for the ones in Boston (8/25 & 8/25), NYC (9/15), and Chicago (10/13) opened up towards the end of April. Not sure when Boston and NYC filled up, but Chicago is still open. I'm hoping the one in San Diego won't fill up that quickly since it's sort of close to the holidays. I've heard they'll add you to a waitlist if you've at least submitted the module requirements, even if they haven't been graded/MMRed yet, so I'm still going to try to register as soon as I submit my IA in early/mid September.

Also, based on other threads, it seems grading parties tend to happen in March and September, so you might want to try to push to submit your IA earlier in September if your schedule allows.
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