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Originally Posted by twig93 View Post
Ach! Am I allowed to change my mind?
hmmm...the FSP Competition Committee has often had animated discussions as to whether an award, once declared, may be retracted or changed.

After many shouting matches, a broken chair, and a few hurt feelings we have come to this conclusion and hereby establish case law and precedent for this and all future incidences (unless we change our mind):

  • The decision of how to use the (usually) non-negative award, awarded to the winner of each week, may be changed up to TNF's kickoff.
  • A COFP, once declared, should not be changed.
Originally Posted by twig93 View Post
Out of curiosity, has anyone ever used The Arbitrary award?
Yes, at least twice.

Originally Posted by twig93 View Post
If I’m allowed to switch, I’m contemplating using it for The Steelers.
Confirm your decision before tonight's kickoff.
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