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Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
Do you think phase is an issue? That would affect not only above 80Hz, but also below a bit. I like the idea of throwing the Pioneer receiver in the mix, I wonder if the Sonos is shifting the phase - just a guess.

If you donít have something like an OmniMic, you can find sine wave sweep videos on YouTube, and Iíve had some luck using those to identify nulls.
It isn't a phase issue between the sub and speakers. I unplugged the sub for a bit and it sounds the same. To my ears, its somewhere between ~80-150hz that just sounds dead. First thing I'll try after this is switching the wire for one of the speakers and see if it remains as is or if that truly puts them out of phase, which really I think is going to yield that they are currently in phase based on the response down around 40-50hz.

I'll definitely be trying out either the JTRs or the Pioneer receiver to isolate it. I'm leaning towards it being that I've gotten used to the JTR sound and really am not a fan of the JBLs anymore.
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