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Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
Is that suckout in the 80-150Hz range present regardless of where you sit/stand? If you move 6' closer, or 6' farther away, and it persists, then probably not the room. At 100Hz you're talking about a ~10' wavelength, so moving a couple of feet would impact the room modes pretty significantly.

Agree that phasing is also worth checking out as well!
Yep, it is regardless of location. I don't think it is room. I'm hoping to test more tomorrow or Sunday to see impacts of the Sonos/JBLs. It is one of the two in some way, whether it is fixable with them on their own is yet to be determined.

I've been listening to the media setup some more shortly after the living room setup, and I'm leaning more towards the Captivator and Submersive being more similar than different. I think the clarity/power of the JTR mains will overwhelm in the higher bass that I'm struggling to get over in my judgement of the subs. I'll figure it out soon enough, just takes some time. Overall both are great subs. I'd recommend either to anybody that is looking, its just a matter of which one works out better for the situation.
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