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OAP forged dead partner's signature and pocketed 84,000 of his pension over 10 years
Janet Hill failed to inform Aviva Insurance that Gerald Billington had died in 2006 and withdrew more than 7,000 a year until she was caught

A cheat forged her dead partner’s signature to claim his pension for nearly 10 years, a court heard.

Janet Hill, 78, pocketed 83,824 after repeatedly forging Gerald Billington’s signature to access his money after he died.

Ms Hill failed to inform his insurance company of his death in 2006 and instead changed his address to hers and withdrew more than 7,000 a year.

Her scam was only uncovered when Aviva Insurance received a letter from HMRC stating the date of Mr Billington’s death.

Police launched an investigation and discovered the pensioner had spent all of the money.

She claimed she originally starting taking the cash after she loaned Mr Billington 10,000 to buy a car and then he died without paying her back.

But when she went undetected she carried on cashing in.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard details of how the retired draughtswoman repeatedly forged Mr Billington’s signature in order to be able to access the cash.

Two years after Mr Billington died, Hill changed his address from a property in Wolverhampton to her new home in Poole, Dorset.

Simon Edwards, prosecuting, said: “Payments should have ceased but Aviva were not alerted that he was dead and during a 10-year period this defendant submitted a number of documents with forged signatures to obtain continued payment of the money.”
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