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I am not broke, but as the years have gone by I've definitely figured out how to spend most of what I make (obviously after normal expenses and retirement/HSA/529 savings). I have a very expensive hobby that eats up a huge part of my discretionary income, otherwise I'd probably have a big(ger) pile of money.

Prior to that, I did manage to stash away a bunch during my early actuarial years. Things that helped then and now:

* Low COL area
* Modest house (some entry-level students have more expensive houses than we do, lol), low standards for interior decorating
* Although bought new, and mine was half-financed at 1%, drive sedans/compact cars until they die
* Don't really vacation much
* No expensive tastes in electronics or restaurants

I also have friends who either have a giant stash of money or credit card debt or outside help, given the new cars/motorcycles, vacations, nice houses, etc.
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