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Originally Posted by WhatsGolden View Post
Yep, the JBLs just donít sound as good to me anymore. I switched the phase of 1 and it definitely went out of phase with that. Brought the 228s up and hooked them up to the Sonos. Night and day difference. No more deadness.

Listened to a wide variety of music to push the Cap some more. Having the upper bass back gives a phenomenal sound. Actually had to turn the Cap up a bit to be able to keep up with the sensitivity of the 228s. My thoughts of the Cap being less musical is not a worry at all, although with less sensitive speakers I think the Submersive would have an easier time to integrate.
Weird, so the JBL just have a dip in the response in the 100-ish Hz area. I've seen lots of EBS designs that have a dip but it's usually a) only a dB or two and b) quite a lot lower than 100Hz.

I need to hear a Captivator at some point. The new 'extra small' one looks intriguing, just because it's the first sub from JTR that isn't ridiculously large. And I want to hear the 4000, because it is just absolutely ridiculous.
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Butt-chugging seems like the best solution.
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