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Week 8 picks so far:

Person      QB           RB           WR           
rekrap      MRudolph     DHenry       MThomas
CaptDingo   MStafford    TGurley      MThomas
AbstractAct MStafford    MMack        ARobinson
silentassn  RWilson      SBarkley     SDiggs
Jahiegel    JGoff        JConner      KGolladay
RayFinkle   RWilson      JConner      JBrown
EzklCumberl RWilson      JConner      TLockett
NumerclNeur RWilson      TGurley      TLockett
ArthurItas  DWatson      SBarkley     DHopkins
yankeetripr RWilson      TGurley      JBrown
ThArbitrary KCousins     DHenry       TLockett
Funemployed MRudolph     JConner      JSmithSchuster
AUnBoy      TBridgewater SBarkley     TLockett        -50 Pen
jesusislord ARodgers     DCook        KGolladay
ReservRage  RWilson      SBarkley     CKupp
3rookie     RWilson      MMack        RWoods
accorbakid  MStafford    CEdmonds     DHopkins
ImPrettyDum MStafford    DHenry       TLockett
1happyactry RWilson      SBarkley     TLockett
ShivamS     RWilson      SBarkley     JJones
EzzardChas  DWatson      CMcCaffrey   DHopkins
tometom     DWatson      TGurley      TLockett
If InSapdes gets picks in before 11 AM CT tomorrow, a 100 point penalty will be assessed, but InSpades will remain in the game.
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