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Originally Posted by Bermuda Onion View Post
Is it easy to just move to the states? Since we have thousands of actuaries on the ground already I think it would be rare for a company to go out of its way to make an offer to a Canadian unless it was a spousal issue or a very special situation. Bermuda has almost no actuaries so there is usually not an issue of having an easy local option to fill a spot.

And I assume AbedNadir is dreaming of a boat in front of his house on the water next to a golf course with palm trees as opposed to seating his ass off in Tallahassee a couple hours from the beach.
I am seriously thinking about Bermuda now, too. I wonder if it's the type of place where one can only live 3-5 years, xor it's a good enough place to live long-term as well (healthcare, education, retirement).
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