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Default Why did the CAS stop posting the minutes of Board Meetings?

It came to my attention in the "Stronger as One" thread that in September of 2016 the CAS stopped publishing the minutes to all board meetings online, and changed the policy so that they are only available upon written request.

My question to any past or present member of the CAS board that was involved in this decision is, why?

Certainly the explanation may be entirely innocent. In fact since no one seemed to notice until now, perhaps the CAS was simply sparing their web developers the effort of putting the minutes on the website when no one cared enough to read them.

On the other hand, the timing is fairly suspicious. The change was implemented in September of 2016. According to the Stronger As One website, collaboration discussions began just 3 months later. I would hate to think this policy was implemented simply as a way for the CAS board to avoid the scrutiny of their members as they explored collaboration opportunities with the SOA that ultimately led to the current unifying proposal.

I'm sure I'm not alone among CAS members who would appreciate more transparency, both about the decision to stop publishing the minutes, and the context of the board meetings that led us to this point.

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