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Default Invitation to EC Championship Season 6

So I got this PM today:

Hi BruteForce

I am addressing this invitation to you as I saw you had played one of the recent EC games on here. I wasn't too sure who to address this to.

I'm hosting a very big Mafia (the more popular name for EC) Championship tournament, featuring 187 different communities, and would like to extend an invitation to your community. I'm hoping this is the best way to go about this.

The Mafia Championship is a super fun event that's been running since 2013. Over the years, 270+ communities, 50+ nationalities and 600+ representatives have participated. More importantly, it has created strong bonds between communities, resulted in countless friendships, and it has even led to people getting married, believe it or not

The concept, to explain it very briefly, is that each community elects one person to go represent them in the Championship. I'd be stoked to see you guys represented, so if this invitation intrigues you, feel very free to share it with your fellow community members.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

The invitation:

The invitation (in bbcode, so you can post it on the forum if you want):

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