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Originally Posted by Thingyman View Post
Hi Cindy

No suspicious stuff here

Since many forums have rules against what can seem like "advertising", I always try to go about it in a proper way, contacting who I think are the leaders of the mafia community and seeing if they approve and/or would be willing to help. Sometimes it's easy for me to identify who to PM, sometimes it's not. So I tried you first, since you'd hosted a game. Then when you didn't respond - because I seemed suspicious, which is 100% fair, it's a very strange message to receive, I get it - I then tried a recently active poster

Anyways, it's all completely legit. I would be very happy to see you guys participate. I'll pop in regularly to answer any questions that you guys might have.
Thanks for not being offended. I get probably 20 emails a day quarantined at work with suspicious links in them and given how some scammers are able to spoof legit websites, my first thought when I see something with a link in it is "Danger, Will Robinson!". My husband (who also posts on here) did a quick google search and quickly found that this is real, but we still couldn't figure why you didn't just post about it. Now I know why.

I think other message boards are a lot less relaxed than we are. I wouldn't call this an advertisement in the strictest sense of the word, but I see what you're saying. Feel free to "advertise" with us.

As for playing, I'm not a particularly good player. I hone in on the wrong person to disastrous results and totally get caught up in the "wine in front of me". I do play because I can't help myself, but much prefer to host.
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