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Originally Posted by ishamael View Post
You certainly won't get Fellowship pay asking for a waitering job in a restaurant.

However, in my experience non-Fellows getting "qualified" pay usually only applies to very senior people around 15+ years of experience and they need to be exceptionally good (or political savvy). Usually these are people who have transitioned out of "traditional" actuarial roles.

For a more typical 5-10 year experience person, if they are good in the sense that they produce Qualified actuary quality work if not better, "oh you do brilliant work on par with that of a qualified actuary but unfortunately I am not allowed to pay you any more or grant you any further promotions until you get yourself qualified" is something they frequently get.
You would essentially get caught up in the salary bandings.

Senior Student might be level 4 and 40-60k

Newly Qualified would then be level 5 and 50-80k

Just an example but I do think it represents most companies.
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