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Originally Posted by ishamael View Post
You certainly won't get Fellowship pay asking for a waitering job in a restaurant.
Precisely. Fellowship doesn't have any instrinsic value. It is an indication that someone should be capable of producing work at the level of most other Fellows. If they actually produce that work then they get paid at that level, but if they can't (either because they can't get an appropriate job, or because in practice they are less competent) then they don't.

Originally Posted by ishamael View Post
For a more typical 5-10 year experience person, if they are good in the sense that they produce Qualified actuary quality work if not better, "oh you do brilliant work on par with that of a qualified actuary but unfortunately I am not allowed to pay you any more or grant you any further promotions until you get yourself qualified" is something they frequently get.
That depends on whether they seriously want to keep you. Companies are often constrained by hierachical pyramid, with promotion only available when a vacancy arises. If you can consistently, and demonstrably, produce "brilliant work on a par with a qualified actuary", but your current employer can't or won't pay, then if you are dissatisfied you can move.

Consultancies tend to be more meritocratic: if you continually produce brilliant work, for which clients are willing to pay the "qualified" charge-out rate, then you can expect to be promoted and paid at a level consistent with that rate.
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