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Originally Posted by dancran1220 View Post
Gonna walk 9 today. One thing I've noticed with my swing is in my knees. At address I tend to let them fall inward under my body a bit and noticed I could push them outwards to stay more over my feet which makes the stance feel a bit more athletic. No idea if this would change anything with my swing since I haven't been to the range, but made me question what is the correct athletic posture at address for the knees in particular.
Intuitively that seems like a good move. Knees pointing outward would help you turn back more on the backswing and transfer your weight properly in the downswing.

I walked a 9-hole Par 3 yesterday. Was +10 after the first two holes, and then +14 for the remaining seven holes, for a total of +24. I need to make sure tomorrow's short-game lesson with my instructor helps me to reach the green in 1-2 shots max from a 100 yards in instead of in 3 shots.
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