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Default HOW to prepare for interviews. And if terrible, much hope?

Hi, I can sort of try to prepare for interviews indefinitely, but my brain just does not work that way. I've got notes upon notes in the Onenote app, trying to consider all questions, and develop answers to them, with lots of brainstorming and editing.

Unfortunately, my ability to interview may never be the reason I get hired. I interviewed for a tutoring position, and looked for feedback. She said the cover letter was great, and that's why she called me in, but the interview did not seem to reflect that. I definitely am not the type to shine in five minute conversations. ("Linear processing disorder".) I mean she apparently got ahold of someone that worked there before, but it still hammered home that my interviewing seems to suggest that I am not worth much.

So if this seems to be a huge obstruction (because I'm sure there are more natural interviewers, who will prepare at least as much as me), argh!!!

I'm trying to see it as I'll just have to make it so the interview has less to do with it, so if I do really well at progressing through the exams, and getting high marks on first tries, hopefully that will suggest a compensation for the lack of "interviewing talent".

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