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Old Yesterday, 09:13 PM
Steve White Steve White is offline
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Originally Posted by procrastinator View Post
There were two borderline hands for whether to invite game or force game. We each forced on one, but on opposite sides, and both worked out in my favor. You got a big pickup on board 3 where I first made an unnecessary revealing bid when led to stronger defense, then made some poor choices in play to go down in a game.
Yes, I guess those must have been the two hands I was thinking of. Especially 12, where my 3S invite went down while if forcing to game we reach 3NT which happens to make (roughly 50-50, and it's a vul game), and is certainly more likely to make and with bigger rewards than 3S.

Not sure if the other was 16, except that nothing else seems like it could have been.

I was hoping for a pickup on #1, for bidding a slam that requires a 2-2 break, which works. But not really expecting one.

Meanwhile I lost by 9 to Klaymen. Feels very unlucky. Lost 12 when my RHO at my table, on a different auction than at his, led diamond ace (my suit) against 4H, had his partner show out, and they get two ruffs. (Double dummy it could be made, but I think the successful line is slightly less likely than what I did. But maybe, against likely defense, it would be more likely to work.) At his table, on a different lead, 4H was easy.

Lost 10 when I passed as dealer, then responded 1NT to partner's 1H at unfavorable with S-742 H-10 D-Q7542 C-A1042. Partner raised to 2NT. Breaks were very unfriendly, misguessed the play, and went down 400. Klaymen passed 1H, for +80. Right or wrong, I would always bid 1NT, and would almost never go for 400.

OTOH I was somewhat lucky to win 12 imps when leading clubs (the unbid suit) against 4H with J1074. I led the J; he led the 4. J is the book lead from the holding, and I think it's better, but he was unlucky that it made the difference between making and down 1 here.

Provisionally +4.4 after 4 tables in the 5-way. I don't know how. I gave away a game on a play that you would think a bot must have made it was so bad. And I'm provisional +.7 on that board. OTOH, bot declarer could have always made 3NT as the cards lie, by playing differently before the point where I screwed up, so maybe that's what happened at your tables, maybe after a different lead.

I would feel guilty saying a bot could defend as badly as I did then, except that CHO did on another board (where currently I'm at 0 imps, so probably the same awful defense occurred at every table.)

Complete brain fart on another board, very lucky to be only -2.0 on it. The play to trick 1 so surprised me that I promptly forgot it happened.
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Old Yesterday, 09:19 PM
Steve White Steve White is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2001
Posts: 3,361

New 2-way challenges tomorrow, and a new 5-way when the current one is over.
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